Our Values

Data stewards, not owners

We view ourselves as stewards of the data we collect and not as owners. As stewards, it is our responsibility to not just protect customer data but to also actively partner with you, the owner of that data, to find meaningful ways to derive value from it while moving the science forward.

Right to know (or not)

As a consumer, you have the right to information that will inform your wellbeing. More importantly, you have the choice about whether you want to exercise that right. It is up to us to present information as clearly as we can to empower you. We do so while progressively building capabilities to inform action.

Stay true

The science and technology of exposomics are rapidly evolving. Like with everything else, there are limits today to what the data can tell us. We strive to remain true and realistic about this. As excited as we are about our mission, we are equally cautious about making sure that we don’t misrepresent what is actually possible today.